Alice’s Adventures in #Wonderland

based on the book by Lewis Carol

illustrated by Bats Langley

Woodhall Press, November 2018

ISBN-10: 0997543760

ISBN-13: 978-0997543766

New York based artist, Bats Langley, is back with a follow up to his successful debut picture book, Groggle’s Monster Valentine (now in it’s third printing), and this time, he’s falling down the rabbit hole. His new book, Alice’s Adventures in #Wonderland, is due to be published this November by Woodhall Press.

In his sophomore effort, Alice’s Adventures in #Wonderland, Mr. Langley’s beautiful illustrations ask the question, what if Alice’s Wonderland was actually the Internet? With text from Lewis Carroll’s classic books, Mr. Langley creates a lush digital world, filled with, a WiFi obsessed white rabbit, #instafamous #influencer Wonderland queens with selfie sticks, and a Humpty Dumpty with a shattered phone screen that not even all the king’s men can repair.